The UK Reproducibility Network

The UKRN is a peer-led consortium that aims to ensure the UK retains its place as a centre for world-leading research.

研究 using animals

We're making sure science and animal welfare go hand-in-hand. We are clear and open about when, how and why we use animals in research.


研究治理 refers to the broad range of principles, standards and regulations of good practice that are in place to make sure that we continuously improve the quality of our research.


Find out about the policies and procedures that are vital to ensuring our research is always ethical.

研究er training and development

Discover how we're preparing the next generation of research staff through our researcher development programme.


Through the research work we do, we are always:


  • We pursue bold ideas in an environment where creativity, innovation and success is encouraged and celebrated.
  • We nurture and value relationships and partnerships that foster a global outlook.
  • We inspire and support staff and students to achieve their potential and meet the challenges of society. We never settle for second best.


  • We act with integrity for the greater good.
  • We insist on upholding the highest academic and professional standards.
  • We respect and celebrate diversity and equal opportunity through an inclusive culture.
  • We aim for sustainability across all our activities.


  • We work consultatively and collaboratively to benefit from new perspectives.
  • We share ideas and maintain transparency.
  • We are trustworthy and do what we say we will do.
  • We listen and respond to the needs of our students and staff.


These are the principles and values that define our research culture, and which help shape our 研究 Vision and Strategy.

Conducting ourselves with the highest standards of academic, professional and research integrity, 澳门新葡京app下载将:

  • Foster an institutional culture which recognises and supports the development of the widest possible range of high-quality research and innovation activities to which staff and students contribute.
  • Develop a number of overarching themes across our existing and emergent research and innovation strengths, drawing together expertise from different disciplines to enhance our capacity and profile in areas with potentially transformative impacts.
  • Establish ourselves as a key partner of choice for research and innovation collaborations at a local, national and international level.
  • Continuously improve our research and innovation profile, as measured by key national and international benchmarks, and strive to deliver maximum benefit to society from our activities.
  • Expand our postgraduate research student numbers, enhancing their contribution to our research community and preparing them for rewarding careers.

Always working to the highest standards, we deliver research and innovation with impact, 在一个动态的, expansive and collaborative culture.

We pursue bold ideas in creative ways, and using the exceptional resources – from our technical facilities to our excellent academic staff – to find answers to the most-pressing global challenges.

澳门新葡京app下载有目的地工作, in collaboration with our partners inside the University and outside it, in both business and academia. We're always seeking new funding opportunities, creating and testing new ideas, and exploring alternative applications for our discoveries.